Marcello Wheels was established to create multi-piece wheels with the highest standards in craftsmanship and technology. It is our goal to build only the products that are designed and engineered to achieve the pinnacle in style, performance, and craftsmanship.  
  Technology ::  
  Marcello wheels are 2-piece construction: cast center welded to SFT outer rim. SFT stands for Super Flow-Forming Technology, used to manufacture every Marcello rim. It is a rolling form technique applied to forged outer rim barrel by high speed rollers using the force of 15 tons and heating temperature. SFT makes the rim lighter and thinner, yet stronger, and increases tensile strength, yield strength, and elogation. In addition, with one piece outer rim, each wheels is guaranteed to be free from any air leaks that are found in 3-piece wheel barrels sealed with silicon.  
  Performance ::  
  It is important that all Marcello Wheels are aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. Various weight-lightening pockets throughout the wheel are incorporated to achieve light weight and superior performance. Also, all Marcello wheels are designed and engineered to clear those high-performance vehicles with oversized OE and aftermarket brake calipers.  
  Quality ::  
  Marcello wheels are designed specifically for those enthusiasts who demand only top-quality products for their exclusive vehicles. Every Marcello wheel is inspected and rigorously tested to maintain stringent structural integrity. All Marcell wheels are designed to meet or exceed SAE, JWL and VIA standards.